Neighbourly from Google: Ask Local Questions and Get Answers a QnA app

Google has recently launched an app called Neighbourly. This app basically made in considering of India. After you have to register with this app you can be asked questions to already registered user or neighbor within two kilometers. Basically, the Neighbourly app to helps people to get local information from their neighbors. The first testing of this app has been in Mumbai and soon will roll out to seven other cities. These cities could be Chennai, Hyderabad,  Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata, Indore and other cities. Earlier this app was in beta testing for months. Now it is ready to roll-out. The Neighbourly app is really giving a chance to familiar with unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Simply this app will guide you to explore your city. You can gather pieces of information like guides from residents, tips, recommendations, and some specific information.  You can also able to ask and reply to questions of your neighbors, who are using the Neighbourly app. There are many more people coming from different neighborhoods, who are helping their neighbors to find relevant answers and local information.

The latest Neighbourly app is available on the Google Play Store for all smartphones running Android. With over 1.5 million downloads and half a million people on the waitlist, Google is rolling out Neighbourly app nationally starting with Bengaluru and Delhi. Going ahead it will be available in more cities and towns. The app can process questions and answer in English and eight Indian languages. In Mumbai, for instance, questions can be asked in the local language, Marathi, too.

The sign-up process for the Neighbourly app:

  • You can sign in with your Google id using your first name and profile picture. The email id will be hidden.

  • Your neighbors will only see your first name.

  • Allow the Neighbourly app to access this device’s location.

  • It only shows your neighbourhood name to others. Your exact location won’t be shared.

  • You can also “change neighbourhood” via Settings at any point.

  • Questions or queries are displayed as a stack of swipeable cards.

  • You can either choose to answer a question or ask a question.

Types of questions should be asked in the Neighbourly app:

  • Which is the safest park for kids in this area?

  • Where can I get my salwar suit altered quickly?

  • Any reliable mechanics around here? Need to get my scooter fixed.

  • Is there any affordable tuition teacher for Science near our locality.

  • Is there any sports coaching or cooking classes here.

  • what is the best place to visit here?

And a lot of stuff you can be asked to your neighbor in the Neighbourly app.

Some basic feature of the Neighbourly app:

  • Join your neighbourhoods with a tap: You will get automatic suggestions to the nearest neighborhood so you can able to choose.

  • Switch between multiple neighbourhoods: If you live in one neighbourhood but work in another, you can add both and switch between them one at a time.

  • See better questions just for you: Every time you open the Neighbourly app, you will see the best questions from your neighborhood.

  • Learn how to get more responses: You will receive a notification with some advice on how to best ask them again.

  • Keep Neighbourly “neighbourly”: If you are among the most helpful in your neighborhood, you can earn Top Neighbour status.

Stay safe with the Neighbourly app’s Privacy:

  • Ask and answer questions without sharing your private details.

  • No contact information shared.

  • An easy way to report harmful content.

  • Real-time content checking.

The Neighbourly app works in real time and will be shaping into a social network where ideas and tips on food, fitness, beauty, schools, local shopping, current events, etc. are being discussed. This app is really simple to use, easy to make queries and get answers.


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