Good News For Offline Indian publishers, Google Has Launched Project Navlekha :

Google has launched Project Navlekha at its 4th edition of Google for India Event held in New Delhi. Project Navlekha that will allow publishers to publish their content online. The good thing is that it supports various regional languages. The project to help various offline publication and magazines to go online. 

According to Google, around 135,000 publishers don’t have a website. They have a lack of technical expertise and struggle to sell their written hard copies.

To solve this problem, Navlekha will help Indian writers to get more readership and recognition without having to struggle to sell their written copies physically.

The official website of Navlekha can be easily interpreted by publishers. Publishers can also obtain help from experts to set up their publication website.

It does not matter what language you have, you can publish online in your language for free. It has an editable platform, which can help you to easily make offline content fully editable and publish online.

The following steps to go with Navlekha are :                                   

 1. You can sign up by clicking on the Signup tab. They will review your application and get back to you shortly. 

2. They will guide you through the setup process and help to maintain your online publication.

3. Now you are ready to publish existing PDF files and future contents online.   

4. The publishing tools will help you to edit and manage your content.

If you are looking for the benefit, then Navlekha is a good platform for you. 

You can get more reader for your publication. There is no setup cost. They will not charge for their publication tools and the domain name for the first three years.                      

Also, you will Sign up for AdSense and grow your business with AdSense.

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